Introducing Picture-in-Picture (Android 8.x) - moto x4

Introducing Picture-in-Picture (Android 8.x) - moto x4

Android 8 introduces picture-in-picture mode. This allows users to watch a video or navigate in a smaller screen while also browsing Facebook, checking Snaps, or reading emails. The possibilities are endless!

To use picture-in-picture

  1. When you’re playing a video or navigating with Maps, touch the home button. The video (or navigation) shrinks.
  2. You can drag the video (or navigation) anywhere on the screen.
  3. To return it to full size, touch it twice.
  4. To close it, drag it to the bottom of the screen. Or, touch it, then touch X .

To see which installed apps support Picture-in-picture

  1. Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Advanced
  2. Touch Special app access > Picture-in-picture.
  3. Touch an app to change its permissions.

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