Insert or remove the SIM card

How do I insert or remove the SIM card?

The Moto G uses a micro SIM card. 

Your SIM card may already be in your phone. But if not, take off the back cover and put in the SIM.

Take off the back cover to see if your SIM is in. If it is, you can replace the cover and get started.


With the gold contacts facing down, push the first SIM until it clicks.


If your phone supports it, push in the second SIM on the lower, opposite side. should come pre-installed in your device.


Activate your SIM cards

In some countries, you can use a second SIM. If there's only one SIM in the phone, it should be ready to use. With two, you can use either or both.

Touch Apps Image > Settings > Dual SIM Settings and select settings, like which SIM to use for calls, texts, and more.

Note: During setup, you will be asked which SIM to use for data.

Important Note: The use of SIM card adapters could potentially damage your device and therefore should not be used. Device damage caused by using either SIM adapters or incorrect SIM cards may void your Motorola limited warranty. You should use only the SIM included with your Moto G or a replacement SIM approved by Motorola.

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