Emergency alerts

How do I manage Emergency alerts?

Wireless Emergency Alerts, also known as CMAS or PLAN, is a U.S. national emergency alert system.

Emergency alerts can pop up to tell you about a national or local crisis. After you close an alert, you can reopen it by touching Apps Image > Messaging > Menu Image >  Emergency Alerts

Tip: Emergency alerts have a special sound and vibration that is two seconds long, followed by one second, then another one second.

To choose which types of alerts you receive, touch Apps Image > Messaging > Menu Image >  Emergency Alerts > Menu Image > Settings > Check desired selections

The U.S. and local governments send these alerts through your service provider. So you will always receive alerts for the area where you are, and you won’t receive alerts if you’re outside of the U.S.

For more information visit www.ctia.org/consumer_info/safety/.

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