I can't answer calls with my Bluetooth headset

I can't answer calls with my Bluetooth headset

Answering calls with your bluetooth paired only to your MOTOACTV is not supported.

You must use a wired headset with a microphone in order to answer calls directly from your MOTOACTV. If you do not have a wired headset, follow the steps below for bluetooth pairing to enable answering your phone calls while your bluetooth is paired to your MOTOACTV. Doing so will enable you to enjoy music via bluetooth from your MOTOACTV will having the ability to answer calls from your headset or phone.

Note: The steps below will disable your bluetooth headset from listening to music or other media from your phone. Music will come from your MOTOACTV only.

Connect your smartphone to the Bluetooth Headset

1. Pair Bluetooth Stereo HS with your smartphone.
On device select Settings > Wireless & Networks > Bluetooth > Scan for Devices > Select Device
2. After connected from the Bluetooth settings menu  Settings > Wireless & Networks > Bluetooth settings) touch and hold the connected headset

3. Go into options and disable "Media" profile connection.

4. Disconnect connection between Bluetooth Headset and phone by turning off Bluetooth.
On device select Settings > Wireless & Networks > Uncheck Bluetooth


Connect MOTOACTV to Bluetooth Headset

5. Make Bluetooth Headset discoverable by turning off and On.

6. On MOTOACTV select SettingsWirelessAdd BT Headset

7. Scan and connect with Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Both connections from Headset to smartphone & MOTOACTV

8. Turn on Bluetooth on smartphone and reconnect with Headset.
Settings > Wireless & Networks > Check Bluetooth

9. Play music from MOTOACTV to stream into Bluetooth Headset

10. Incoming call to smartphone should now be routed to Bluetooth Headset

To connect your Android Smartphone to MOTOACTV for notifications

Download the MOTOACTV application to the smartphone. 

On MOTOACTV go to SettingsGeneralSmart Phone SetupYes This makes MOTOACTV discoverable

On smartphone, launch MOTOACTV app 

Tap Settings, MOTOACTV Device Settings


Scan for MOTOACTV, tap on your device and accept pair request on both devices.


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