What do the indicator lights mean on my Roadster 2™?

What do the indicator lights mean?


 If status light shows...  your device is...
 three blue flashes  powering on/off
 steady blue  in pairing mode
 rapid blue/purple flashes  connecting to your phone
 quick blue flash  receiving a call on phone 1, or making a call on either phone
 quick purple flash  receiving or making a call on phone 2
 slow blue pulse  on a call
 slow blue flash  in standby (not on a call - connected to one phone)
 slow red flash  idle (not connected to a phone)
 steady red  trying to connect to your phone
 rapid purple flashes  play/pause or stopping music
 slow purple flash  music playing
 quick red flash  in a low battery state


Note: The status light stops flashing to conserve power after 20 minutes on a call or of inactivity, but the car kit remains on.

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