How do I Make/Receive Calls on my Roadster 2™?

How do I place a call?

To make a voice dialed call:

  1. Press the voice dial button Voice Dial and you hear a tone.
  2. Follow prompts to make call. (Note: Some features are phone/network dependent.)

Note: The car kit and phone need to be paired prior to making a call.

To answer/end a call:

  1. On your speaker, Say “Answer” or press Call button.
  2. Press Call button.

To redial/ignore last call:

  • Press Call button until you hear a tone.
  • Say “Ignore” or press Image until you hear a tone.

Answer/Reject second incoming calls:

  • Press Call button, while on a call. The first call is placed on hold, allowing for the second call to be answered.
  • Press Imageuntil you hear a tone. This will keep your first call active while ignoring the second incoming call.

To Mute/Unmute a call:

  • Press Mute buttonand you hear “Mute on” or “Mute off”.  When mute is on, the red light be on .


Note: Make sure the voice dial feature is turned on in your mobile phone.

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