P893 Battery Use & Safety


Battery Use & Safety


  • Don’t let the product come in contact with liquids. Liquids can get into the product’s circuits, leading to corrosion.
  • Don’t place your product near a heat source. High temperatures can cause the battery to swell, leak, or malfunction.
  • Don’t dry a wet or damp product with an appliance or heat source, such as a hair dryer or microwave oven.


  • Do avoid leaving your product in your car in high temperatures.
  • Do avoid dropping the product. Dropping your product, especially on a hard surface, can potentially cause damage.
  • Do contact your retailer or Motorola if your product has been damaged by dropping, liquids or high temperatures.

Warning: Never dispose of battery powered products in a fire because they may explode.

Battery Charging

  • During charging, keep your battery and charger near room temperature for efficient battery charging.
  • New batteries are not fully charged.
  • New batteries or batteries stored for a long time may take more time to charge.
  • Motorola batteries and charging systems have circuitry that protects the battery from damage from overcharging.

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