How do I charge my device using the P893?

How do I charge my device using the P893?

Power at your fingertips. Charge one device or two—at the same time.

1. Connect the device(s) you want to charge to your portable charger, using either:

  • the integrated micro USB charging cable/connector.
  • the USB charging connector. You’ll need to use your USB cable to connect your device.


2. Press the Power/Charge button to start charging your device(s).

The indicator lights will turn on indicating the portable charger is on while simultaneously
displaying its current internal charge level.

Stop charging

To stop charging your device(s):

  • Unplug your device(s) from the portable charger, or
  • Press and hold the Power/Charge button until the indicator lights turn off.

Note: When not charging a device, your portable charger automatically turns off in 30 seconds to conserve power

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