How do I connect my ELITE SLIVER to other devices?

How do I connect my headset to other devices?

There are two methods to connect your headset with other devices; Easy pair or Near Field Communication.

You can also connect your device with a second device.

Easy Pair

1.  Turn Bluetooth on the device your are connecting with.

2.  Power headset on (View details)

3.  You will hear a voice prompt; “Welcome to Motorola Elite Sliver” “ready to pair”

4.  Follow the voice prompts

5.  Enter passcode (0000), if prompted

6.  Connection is complete. You will hear a voice prompt; “Pairing complete”

NFC (Near Field Communication)

With NFC (Near Field Communication), pairing is as simple as bringing the headset and phone close to each other.

Note: NFC is currently not supported on many devices

1.  Put the headset in the case

2.  Touch and hold the device with the bottom of the case. (The status light will display purple)

3.  Connection is complete. Phone notifies you when done.


  • NFC tag location varies from phone to phone. See your phone’s user guide for more information.
  • NFC may vary slightly among phones. The phone’s display screen must be on when pairing.
  • Some devices have NFC tags, but do not support NFC pairing.  They support other NFC features.  
    In cases like this the device will see the NFC tag in the BTHS, but will not try to pair with it.

Second device

If you are using multiple devices follow the steps below to connect with two devices:

1.  Before connecting the second device, turn off the Bluetooth feature of the previously paired device.

2.  Now pair your second device as normal, see Easy Pair steps above.

3.  Once paired, to connect to both devices simply turn them on. You’ll hear “<phone x> connected” as each device connects with your headset.

4.  To use headset features, such as voice dial and redial, with the desired device, just use the feature as normal and follow the voice prompts.

5.  To use the NFC method to pair, see NFC steps above.


Important Note:   The ELITE SLIVER only allows one music streaming link at a time.  If you want to switch between two phones, you may go to phone bluetooth menu and select the headset options, then disconnect / connect the media link prior to streaming on the second device. Ex. If you connect to the phone first, it will connect call audio and media.  When you try to connect the music device which is media only, it will not connect.  If you connects the iPod first; then the phone will connect call audio, but no media.  


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