T225 Status lights

What do I need to know about the status lights using this device?

The following chart shows what each of the T225 indicator lights mean

Call Volume and Down buttons

 If the light shows...  Your speakerphone is...
 Three Blue flashes  powering on
 Steady Blue  in pairing/connect mode
 Rapid Blue/Purple flashes  connected to your phone
 Quick Blue flash  receiving a call on phone 1, or making a call on either phone
 Quick Purple flash  receiving a call on phone 2
 Slow Blue pulse  on a call
 Slow Blue flash  in standby (not on a call—connected to one phone)
 Slow Purple flash  in standby (not on a call—connected to two phones)
 Slow Red flash  idle (not connected to a phone)
 Steady Red (status
 trying to connect to your phone
Steady Red (mute
Slow Red pulse  in a low battery state

Tip: The T225 announces when you have a low battery and allows you to manually check the battery status when powered on:

You can initiate a battery check when powered on by pressing both volume buttons while not on a call.

 If the light shows...  You'll hear...
 Red  "battery is low"
 Purple  "battery is medium"
 Blue  "battery is high"

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