HK210/HK211 Indicator Lights

What does the indicator lights on my device mean?

The indicator lights on your device has special meaning.  The charts listed below will help you understand exactly what these indicator lights mean.


Status Indicator Lights with Charger Not Plugged In


 If light shows...

 Your headset is...

Off Power Off
Three Blue Flashes Powering On / Off
Steady Blue Pairing / Connection Mode
Rapid Blue / Purple Flashes Connection Successful
Quick Blue Flash Receiving or making call
Quick red flash In a low battery state
Slow Blue Pulse Connected (on a call)
Slow Blue Flash Standby (connected to phone)
Slow Red Flash Idle (not connected to a phone)
Slow Purple Pulse Connected Call Muted
Steady Red Flash Trying to connect to your phone
Note: After 1 minute on a call or 20 minutes of inactivity, the light stops flashing to conserve power, but the headset remains on.

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