Wearing the S10-HD

What is the best way to wear the S10-HD?

Important: Always use both hands when handling your S10-HD.

     1. Place S10-HD on your head and rotate as shown below:


Note: To widen the fit, pull both ends of your S10-HD headphones away from each other until the earphones rest at a distance that is comfortable when placed on your head.

     2. Place earhooks over ears as shown:

     3. Insert speakers into ears and adjust for a snug fit.

When fit properly, the back of your S10-HD headphones normally float over your neck as shown:

For personal comfort, the back of your S10-HD can be adjusted up or down as needed.

Removing Headphones
To remove your S10-HD from your head, first remove speakers from your ears and lift headphones (using both hands) off your ears. Then rotate your S10-HD over your head with both hands.

Wearing Tips
Use the following tips when wearing your S10-HD:

  • Be sure to use both hands when handling your S10-HD. DO NOT pull or twist your S10-HD when handling.
  • Be sure to wear your S10-HD properly. DO NOT wear your S10-HD upside down or on the top of your head.

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