COMMAND ONE - Acronym List

What acronyms does my Motorola COMMAND ONE recognize?

The COMMAND ONE will recognize certain acronyms and read out the acronyms as actual words. 

Here is a current list of acronyms supported:

gmail = g mail
hotmail = hot mail        
tmi = too much information
tmfi = too much effing information
bs = bullshit        
fml = f my life
b4 = before
diy = do it yourself        
hw = homework
msg = message
myob = mine your own business
pls = please        
imo = in my opinion
imusb = i miss you so bad
eta = estimated time of arival
wwjd = what would jesus do
ur = your       
stfu = shut the eff up
lmao = laughing my ass off
lmfao = laughing my ass off
def = definitely
prob = probably
rnt = are not
aak = Asleep at the keyboard
aar8 = At any rate
adad = Another day, another dollar
afaic = As far as I'm concerned
afk = Away from computer keyboard
asap = As soon as possible
atm = At the moment
atw = Around the web
dnt = don't
b = Back
b4n = Bye for now
bbs = Be back soon
bc = Because
bcnu = Be seein' you
bf = Boyfriend
bfn = Bye for now
b4n = Bye for now
bg = Big grin
bil = Boss is listening
bitd = Back in the day
bmg = Be my guest
botoh = But on the other hand
brb = Be right back
btdt = Been there, done that
btdtgttsawio = Been there, done that, got the t-shirt and wore it out
btw = By the way
bykt = But you knew that
cid = Consider it done
csl = Can't stop laughing
coz = Because
cu = See you
cul = See you later
cul8r = See you later
dqmot = Don't quote me on this
eom = End of message
ez = Easy
eg = Evil Grin
f2f = Face to face
faq = Frequently asked questions
fwiw = For what it's worth
fyi = For your information
g2g = Got to go
gf = Girlfriend
ggn = Gotta go now
gj = Good job
gl = Good luck
gol = Giggle out loud
gr8 = Great
grt = Great
gtg = Got to go
gw = Good work
h8 = Hate
hak = Hugs and kisses
iac = In any case
iae = In any event
ic = I see
idc = I don't care
idk = I don't know
ily = I love you
im = Instant Message
imho = In my humble opinion
imnerho = In my never even remotely humble opinion
imnsho = In my not so humble opinion
imo = In my opinion
impov = In my point of view
iow = In other words
irl = In real life
jic = Just in case
jk = Just kidding
jtlyk = Just to let you know
k = Okay
kis = Keep it simple
kit = Keep in touch
l8 = Late
l8r = Later
lbh = Let's be honest
lol = Laughing out loud
mirl = Meet in real life
morf = Male or Female
mos = Mom over shoulder
mtfbwu = May the force be with you
nbd = No big deal
nmu = Not much, you?
np = No problem
nrn = No response necessary
oic = Oh, I see
omg = Oh my god
otp = On the phone
owtte = Or words to that effect
p911 = Parent emergency
paw = Parents are watching
pcm = Please call me
pir = Parent in room
pls = Please
plz = Please
poc = Point of contact
pov = Point of view
prw = Parents are watching
q = Question
rotfl = Rolling on the floor laughing
rl = Real life
rsn = Real soon now
ruok = Are you okay
sfete = Smiling from ear to ear
soz = Sorry
sys = See you soon
s2r = Send to receive
tafn = That's all for now
tba = To be announced
tbh = To be honest
thx = Thanks
tia = Thanks in advance
tmb = Text me back
ttfn = Ta ta for now
ttyl = Talk to you later
ty = Thank you
u = You
u2 = You too
wb = Welcome back
wfm = Works for me
wtg = Way to go
wth = What the hell?
wu = What's up?
wygowm = Will you go out with me?
xoxo = Hugs and kisses
y = Why
yt = You there
yw = You are welcome


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