MOTONAV TN700 Series - Calls

How do I make and receive calls with my MOTONAV?  

Before you can use your MOTONAV for calls you need to connect to your mobile phone.

Note: Using a mobile device while driving may cause distraction. End a call if you can’t concentrate on driving. Also, using a mobile device or accessory may be prohibited or restricted in certain areas. Always obey the laws and regulations on the use of these products.

Receive calls

When you receive a call, your device plays a ringtone and says, “Incoming call. Answer or ignore?”

To answer, say “Answer” or tap Answer on the display.

To ignore the call, say or tap Ignore.

To hang up, tap End.

Make calls

To make a call using Speak & Go, tap Image, then say “Dial Number.”

Or, you can touch the screen to dial a call:

  1. Tap the map
  2. Tap Calling
  3. Tap Dial Pad

    Tip: Tap Contacts to access your phone’s saved contact list.
  4. Enter the number and tap Call.

While on a call

While on a call, tap the map to minimize the phone controls.
To return to the phone controls, tap the phone bar.

Here’s what else you can do while you’re on a call. 

 Touch Keys New Call — Make another call to join in for a three-way conversation.

Contacts — Look up a contact.

Dial Pad — Dial another number.
 Other in-call Features
Talk on Phone
— Switch the conversation to your mobile phone.

Talk on MOTONAV — Switch your call to your navigation device.

Mute — Mute.

End — Hang up.

To view recent calls:

  1. Tap the map, then tap Main Menu > Calling > Recents.
  2. Tap All or Missed.

To switch between calls:

You can put a call on hold and make a second call.

While on a call, tap Dial Pad to put your call on hold and dial a new number—or, if a new call comes in while you’re already on a call, tap New Call to answer the new call and put the first one on hold.

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