T325 Power On and Off

How do I power cycle the T325?

The T325 has 2 ways to power on and off. You can manually turn the device on or off. You can also have the device power on and off automatically. The speakerphone may take up to 4 seconds to power on. Listed below are the steps to use these features.


1. Manual On


  • Slide and hold the power switch to the right until you hear a tone.
  • When the device is on, you will hear an audio tone.


2. Manual Off


  • Slide the power switch to the left.
  • When the device is off, you will hear an audio tone.


Note: Your car kit will turn off automatically when not connected to your phone for more than 30 minutes.


3. Automatic On / Off


  • To enable automatic on and off, just turn your car kit on as it states in step 1 and leave the power switch in the center position.
  • When the device powers on or off, you will hear an audio tone.


Note: When the T325 is set to the automatic on/off mode the car kit is disconnected automatically when your phone is more than 20 feet away for more than 20 seconds. When you return and open the car door, the car kit turns on and reconnects.

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