MOTONAV TN500 Series - Find an address with EasySearch

How do I use EasySearch to find an address ?  

To find an address with Easy Search

Before you start driving, enter an address to create a route.

  1. Tap the map
  2. Tap Search or Enter Destination.
  3. To optimize your search results, specify the city you want to search within by tapping the box in the upper right and entering the city name.

    If you don’t enter a city, the search will return results for your current location.
  4. Start entering a keyword or the street number and street name.

    A list of matching addresses and points of interest appears on the right side of the screen.

    Tip: To find an intersection, enter the two street names separated by + or &.
  5. Tap anywhere on the list to expand it.
  6. In the list of results, tap the address that you want.

    An overview map appears along with options for the address your selected.
  7. Tap Go!

Choose routing options

  1. After searching for or entering a destination, tap the name of it in the list.
  2. Tap the icon next to Go!, then tap Route Options > Quickest Time, Shortest Distance, Mostly Highways, or Avoid Highways.

Plan trips

  1. Tap the map, then tap Main Menu > Trips.
  2. Tap Edit to enter a starting location for your trip.
  3. When the keypad opens, begin searching for your starting location.
  4. When your location appears in the list of search results, tap it to select it and add it to your trip.

    Note: To change the name of your trip, tap it.
  5. Tap Edit to add each waypoint and then the final destination for your trip.
  6. Optionally, tap Optimize to let your device find the best routes for you considering your waypoints.
  7. When finished planning your trip, tap Done.

    Note: To preview your trip in motion, tap Trip Simulation.

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