MOTONAV TN500 Series - Speak & Go

How do I use the MOTONAV's voice recognition features ?  

You can use your voice and keep your hands on the wheel by using the MOTONAV's speak & go feature.

Tap  Image then say any of the below voice commands:

Voice Commands
(Say these when looking at the map screen)

“Dial Number”
“Call Contact”
“Call Information”
“Call Voicemail”
“Cancel Trip”
“Go Home”
“Main Menu”
“Recent Calls”
“Recent Trips”
“Send Location”
“Volume Up”
“Volume Down”
“Where am I?”


Global Commands
(Say these at any time)

“Read Out”

Control Commands
(Say these for moving through screens)

“Page Up”
“Page Down” 

CLICK HERE for details on voice prompted search.


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