Car Kit Automatic Connection

Will my device connect automatically to the car kit?

Once paired, each time you start your vehicle, your Bluetooth enabled device and car kit are automatically connected (when your device is powered on and the device's relevant settings have not changed).The car kit first tries to connect to the last phone device used. If it is unable to connect, the car kit then tries connecting to the next device in its history list. If a phone device and a music device are both present, both are connected.

If there are two phone devices available, the car kit connects to the one last used (and ignores the other phone).

When the Bluetooth connection is established, the indicator light stays lit. If you are in a call when the car kit powers up,
the call is automatically transferred to the car kit once the Bluetooth link is completed.

If your device is powered off when you start your vehicle, the Bluetooth connection may not be automatically established when you turn on your device.

To manually connect to a previously paired device:

  1. Turn on the device.
  2. Set your device to look for the car kit.
    For most Motorola phones, press Menu > Settings > Connection > Bluetooth Link > Handsfree, select Motorola T605 from the list, and press OK.

    Your device attempts to connect to the car kit. If a Bluetooth connection is established, the indicator light
    changes from flashing red/blue to either steady blue (if connected to a phone) or steady yellow (if connected to a
    music device).

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