Bluetooth Profiles

What are Bluetooth Profiles and how are they used?

A profile is complete definition of how a product manufacturer can implement Bluetooth wireless technology for a particular usage case.

Profiles are the "services" offered by a device.

For two devices to interoperate to complete a user task, both devices must implement a common profile.

Below is a list of Bluetooth Profiles:


  1. Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
  2. Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)
  3. Common ISDN Access Profile (CIP)
  4. General Audio/Video Distribution Profile (GAVDP)
  5. Generic Object Exchange Profile (GOEP)
  6. Hard Copy Cable Replacement Profile (HCRP)
  7. Human Interface Device Profile (HID)
  8. Personal Area Networking Profile (PAN)
  9. Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP)
  10. Serial Port Profile (SPP)
  11. Service Discovery Profile (SDAP)
  12. SIM Access Profile (SAP, SIM)
  13. Video Distribution Profile (VDP)
  14. Wireless Application Protocol Bearer (WAPB)
  15. Basic Imaging Profile (BIP)
  16. Basic Printing Profile (BPP)
  17. Cordless Telephony Profile (CTP)
  18. Device ID Profile (DID)
  19. Dial-up Networking Profile (DUN)
  20. Fax Profile (FAX)
  21. File Transfer Profile (FTP)
  22. Generic Access Profile (GAP)
  23. Hands-Free Profile (HFP)
  24. Headset Profile (HSP)
  25. Intercom Profile (ICP)
  26. Object Push Profile (OPP)
  27. Synchronization Profile (SYNCH)


CLICK HERE" target="_new to access the Bluetooth Glossary and receive a more complete explanation of each profile.

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