Making Calls

How do I make calls with the T305/T307?

  • Make a voice dial call - Tap the Call button and speak the name after the tone
  • End a call - Tap the Call button (if a call is on hold, tap twice to end all calls)
  • Receive a call - Tap the Call button
  • Reject a call - Tap either Volume button
  • Redial last call - Press and hold the Call button until you hear a beep
  • Answer a second incoming call - Press and hold the Call button (places first call on hold)
  • Toggle between two active calls - Press and hold the Call button
  • Mute or unmute a call - Tap both Volume buttons

Note: The T305/T307 supports both Handsfree and Headset Profiles. Accessing call functions depends upon which
profile your phone supports. See your phone's user's guide for more information.

Note: Some features are phone/network dependent.

Note: When turning on your hands-free speaker during a phone call, audio is transferred automatically to your hands-free speaker (when your hands-free speaker and phone have previously been connected, and your phone supports
this feature).

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