Bluetooth Accessory Audio Tones

What do the various sounds mean?

Audio tones provide an audio status for your Bluetooth device. These tones may vary from device to device, so you should consult your user guide for the specific tones for your product.


Listed below is an example of some basic audio tones, and what they represent:


Audio Tones

Audio Tone

Headset Status

Ring tone

Incoming call

Single high tone

Phone network not available

High to low tone

End Call

Two short tones when pressing Volume

Volume at minimum or maximum

Two rapid ascending tone

Mute enabled

Low tone (repeated every 10 seconds)

Mute reminder

Two rapid descending tone

Mute disabled

Two ascending tones

Connect confirmed/Voice activation

No audio indications/static

Out of range

High/low tones repeated every 60 sec.

Low battery

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