MOTONAV - View route list

How can I see or view the route directions list?

To view a driving directions list From the route screen:

Note: A route must be selected and in map view before you can select the turn by turn list

  • Tap next street bar.


  • Tap Directions List .


To view detail about a specific route step

  • use the arrows to scroll and "TAP" to highlight the step


  • Select Turns to view turn on map.


  • SelectPrior/Next to view next or previous steps on map.


  • Select Avoid to recalculate route to avoid selected step.


Note: To back up to previous screen tap the back arrow


To view a map of the complete route:

Note: To use this option you have to be in the list mode

  • Select Route to view overall route on map.


  • From route screen : The distance and estimated time of arrival are displayed at the bottom of screen


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