Configuring the T505

How can I configure my device?

The MOTOROKR T505 uses a default set of configuration settings. You may change the default settings at anytime.

To modify T505 configuration settings, enter setup mode by pressing and holding the Call button while powering up. The main indicator is steadily lit in green to indicate your T505 is in setup mode.

There are four configurable settings in your T505 (default setting in BOLD ).

  1. Voice prompt language

    Description: Set language for voice prompts
    Options: English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese
  2. Caller ID

    Description: Hear the phone number of the the incoming caller
    Options: On or Off
  3. Voice prompt type

    Description: Replace spoken prompts with tones (FM stations are always spoken)
    Options: On or Off
  4. Voice prompt volume

    Description: Adjust the loudness of the voice prompts (or tones)
    Options: Seven volume levels (steps)

For each setting, press the Volume up and down keys to select a different option. To make a selection, press the Play/Pause key.
The main indicator light flashes green to confirm your selection.

Upon completing configuration, your T505 plays power up tones and enters the standard power up sequence.

NOTE: If you fail to complete all four customization settings, your T505 will not save your changes.

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