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How do I adjust the display settings?

Change the display settings on your device by following the steps below:

  1. Touch Image 
  2. Touch Settings
  3. Touch Display
  4. Select the desired option:

Brightness Level

Move the slider to set the brightness level on your device.

Adaptive brightness

Turn on adaptive brightness to automatically optimize brightness level on your device based on the available light around you. Adaptive brightness is on by default. You can still adjust your brightness when needed.

Important Note: When Adaptive brightness is enabled, if you then lower the brightness level to the minimum, the screen may appear to go completely black.

To recover, try one or more of the following:

  1. Push power button
  2. Move your device to a well-lit area. It can take up to few minutes before screen becomes bright.
  3. Let phone stay idle for few minutes, so it goes to sleep state. Then, press power button momentarily to bring phone to active state from sleep state. On the screen, drag one finger from top to bottom twice slowly. This will open quick settings from the notification bar. Approximately one inch below from the top of the screen and one inch from left, touch and drag finger from left to right in straight line to increase the brightness.

    After screen is bright enough to be used, it is recommended that you do not set the brightness setting to minimum setting if adaptive brightness is enabled.

With the introduction of Android 9.0 (Pi), there have been additional changes to how adaptive brightness works:

It "learns" how bright you like it. Adaptive Brightness now learns how bright or dark you like it under different conditions by tracking how you raise or lower brightness using the slider. This takes some time, but it should learn to adjust the lighting based on the way you do. (There is now "machine learning" that takes notes of your habits and automatically adjusts to your activities.)

The brightness slider itself has changed. Because the human eye detects changes from darker to light more readily than light to lighter, the old slider mostly had impact in its lower half. You would see most of the changes by the time the slider was halfway up. The rest of the slider didn't really seem to show a lot of difference. On Pie the slider has been adjusted so that it shows changes along its entire length. And that means you have to move it farther to the right to get the same brightness. - We encrouage you to continue to let the adaptive brightness "learn"!

Color Made

Choose how colors appear. Adjust temperature and choose between standard or vibrant.


Choose wallpaper to display. Learn more about wallpaper here.

Select Advanced to see additional options: Sleep, Device Rotation, Font Size, Display Size, Screen Saver.

New in Android 9 choose a light or dark theme for your device or choose automatic to adjust the theme based on your wallpaper.

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