One button navigation - moto g6

How do I use one button navigation on the moto g6 ?

In addition to using the fingerprint sensor for security, you can also use the sensor to move between screens.

Remove the onscreen Image Image Image  navigation icons and use the fingerprint sensor instead. You get convenient gestures and more screen real estate!

To turn it on or off

  1. Open the Moto app.
  2. Touch Features > Moto Actions.
  3. Touch One button nav and turn it on  or off .

    When you turn it off, you’ll see navigation icons at the bottom of all screens again.

Get around


Use the fingerprint sensor to move between screens.

Gesture Navigation
Quick touch Go home Image
Touch Turn screen off
Touch & hold Open Google Assistant
Swipe left
(from right to left)
Go back Image one screen
Swipe right
(from left to right)
See list of recent apps Image

Tip: For a tutorial, open the Moto app and touch Features > Moto Actions > One button nav > Show me how.

Customize gestures

You can change how your phone responds when you swipe the sensor:

  1. Open the Moto app.
  2. Touch Features > Moto Actions
  3. Touch One button nav
  4. Touch Image
  5. Select Swipe left to go back or Swipe left for recent apps
  6. To feel a vibration when you use the sensor, be sure Fingerprint sensor vibration is on Image.

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