Adjusting audio alerts - moto g6 play

Adjusting audio alerts - moto g6 play

Adjust volume
Volumes you can control

Your phone has independent settings for these volumes:

  • Call
  • Media (music, video, games)
  • Alarm
  • Ringtone for incoming calls and notifications

Adjusting one volume won't affect the others, so you can crank up the tunes without making incoming callers sound like they’re shouting.

Turn volume up or down

When you're on a call, press the Volume buttons to adjust the volume level of the other person on the call.
When you're not on a call, press the Volume buttons to adjust the media volume.

To adjust other volumes at any time:

  1. Press a Volume button.
    Touch Image.
  2. Slide the volume levels where you want them:

    Image   Music, videos, games, and other media
    Image    Volume of the other person on a call
    Image  Phone calls, notifications
    Image Alarm

Tip: To silence notifications and allow phone calls to ring, go to Settings > Sound > Default notification sound and select None.

Silence ringing phone
Press the Power or Volume Down button.
Or, pick up your phone to silence it and switch to vibrate. (To enable, open the Moto app, touch Features > Moto Actions > Pick up to silence and turn it on .)

Prevent phone from ringing

  • To quickly switch to vibrate, press & hold the Power + Volume Up buttons until you feel a vibration and see Image 
  • Want to silence your phone instead of vibrating? Go to Settings > System > Gestures. Touch Prevent ringing > Press Power & Volume Up together > Mute.
  • To switch to silent Image or vibrate Image, press a Volume button, then touch Image above the volume slider.
  • To automatically silence your phone during a certain time (e.g. every Tuesday from 11:00 to noon), set up Do Not Disturb.
    Change what happens when you press Power + Volume Up

Adjust accessibility volume
When TalkBack is on, to change the volume of spoken feedback:

  1. Press a Volume button.
  2. Move the slider.

To adjust Specific Notifications (Phone ringtone, Email, Calendar, Messaging) use the following:  

Phone ringtone

          1. Touch Apps Image       

          2. Touch Settings

          3. Touch Sound

          Note: If you do not want the phone to vibrate make sure the Also vibrate for calls is not enabled.
          4. Touch Phone ringtone, and make desired selection

Default Notifications

          1. Touch AppsImage      

         2. Touch Settings

         3. Touch Sound

         4. Advanced

         5. Default Notification Sound


  1. Touch AppsImage 
  2. Touch Email / Gmail
  3. Touch Menu
  4. Touch Settings
  5. Touch the account you wish to modify
  6. Touch Inbox sound & vibrate
  7. Touch Sound, and make desired selection

Note: If you do not want the phone to vibrate make sure the Vibrate box is not checked.

Please keep in mind if you leave "Power up Sound" enabled, when powering the device on, this will always make noise even if device boots in "Total Silence". Power up sound is under Advanced.

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