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How do I use the calendar?

Calendar works with Google Calendar web-based service for creating and managing events, meetings, and appointments.

When you first set up your phone, you configured it to use an existing Google Account, or you created a new account. The first time you open the Calendar application on your phone, it displays any existing calendar events from your Google Account on the web.

1.  Touch Apps Image

2.  Touch Calendar

3.  Touch Image in the top left and select to view your calendar events by Day, 3 day, Week, or Month.

To create an event:



Depending on which view you selected; Touch the time of day, day of the week, or day of the month you wish to set the event for.

Select the + icon and fill out the information for your event. When done, select SAVE in the upper right.

To edit an event, select it from the calendar, and touch Image

To delete an event, open it, select Image in the upper right, and then Delete. Confirm by selecting OK.

Be sure to visit Google Calendar on the web to learn more about the features the web and phone versions share, and to learn about and use web-only features.

Don't forget that appointment! Use a Calendar widget

Want your schedule right from your Home screen? The Calendar widget syncs calendars from your existing accounts, including Google, and shows your events for the day. It provides direct access to your calendars so you can add or modify events, and reminders are sent right to your phone.


To add a Calendar widget:

  1. Touch and hold any blank space on your Home screen
  2. Touch Widgets
  3. Scroll through your list of widgets to Calendar
  4. Touch and hold one of the Calendar options and place it on the desired location on a home screen.


When you've opened the Calendar widget:

  • Touch the top section of the widget which shows the current date
  • This will launch the calendar application    

If you have multiple Google calendars, you can choose which to include on your phone:

  1. Touch Image in the top left and scroll down to view your available calendars
  2. Touch the box next to each calendar you want to display. A check mark will appear in the box.

NOTE: To re-sync your calendars, select Image in the upper right, and refresh.

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