Using the T505 with your FM car radio

How do I use the T505 with my FM car radio?

Using the T505 with your FM car radio


When your MOTOROKR T505 is connected and operating with your phone and/or music device, you can route call and music audio to your car’s FM radio. To hear calls and streaming music over your FM car radio:


  1. Press FM button on rear of your T505. The FM indicator light initially flashes in white, then turns solid white and announces the previously used frequency when ready.
  2. Turn on your car’s FM radio and tune to the station (frequency) announced during step 1 above. Audio from calls and streaming music is broadcast on your FM radio.


To turn off FM broadcast and use your T505 ‘s speaker for audio, press and hold FM button until the FM indicator light turns off.


NOTE: The FM transmitter automatically powers off if idle for 10 minutes.



Setting FM station using StationFinder

Upon turning on FM broadcast, your T505 transmits call and music audio on the last selected station frequency. When audio performance is unsatisfactory, you may desire to select another transmit frequency.


To search for another station to broadcast call and music audio:


  1. Press FM button. Your T505 searches for the best station available. While searching, call audio is muted and music audio is paused. When a station is found, it is announced twice, and call/music audio is broadcast to that station.
  2. Tune your FM radio to the announced station. If station works well, press and hold both Play/Pause and FM buttons to save as a preferred station. Preferred stations are given priority during future searches.


Note: Up to 5 preferred stations can be saved on your T505. When storing additional preferred stations, the oldest station in the existing list will be replaced.


  1. To continue searching, repeat steps 1 and 2 until you find a satisfactory station.


When turned off, your T505’s FM transmitter remembers the last station used, and begins with that station when you turn it back on.


As your environment changes (i.e. driving around a building, entering a city, etc.), the audio quality over FM may begin to degrade. This may occur more frequently in urban areas. If this occurs, perform steps 1 and 2 until you find a station with satisfactory audio quality.


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