Wireless Sound System - moto x4

How do I use the Wireless Sound System on the moto x4?

Wireless Sound System allows you to pair up to four audio bluetooth devices individually

OR bring them together for a stereo/surround sound setup!

*** Please note, wireless sound system is not available on all models of moto x4 devices.

Turn on Wireless Sound System

Touch Settings > Connected Devices > Wireless Sound System > Toggle On

*Note: In order to connect multiple devices, you must be on a 5 GHz wi-fi network. You can only connect one device over a 2.4 GHz network. Other non-audio bluetooth devices will be pused while Wireless Sound System is enabled.

Make sure your audio devices are on, discoverable, and in pairing mode. Simply select an available device to Pair and repeat as desired!

If the device isn't appearing, touch  Image > Refresh.

Manage Devices

To remove a paired device, tap Image next to the device and then FORGET.

To adjust the volume, tap Image next to eachdevice and drag the slider left or right.

Calibrate Devices

Note: Before starting, ensure that you are in a quiet environment and all speakers are close to your phone.

Touch the music note with refresh arrows Image to start the calibration tool. Wait for the calibration to complete.

For the best Stereo experiences:

  1. Set your speakers so they are facing you and equal distances from you.
  2. Tap Image > Stereo System
  3. Or, try selecting the right or left channel (both are selected by default.)

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