Black & white photos - moto z2 force

How do I take black and white photos on my moto z2 force ?

1.  Touch Image

2.  Touch  Image > True B&W.

3.  If needed, adjust settings such as photo size or to use a timer.

4.  Frame your subject:

  • To switch between front-facing and back-facing cameras, touch Image .
  • To zoom, pinch in or out.
  • To change the focus location, drag the focus ring.
  • To change the exposure, slide the control on the focus ring to lighten or darken the shot.


5.  Touch Image to take a photo.


  • To shoot continuously, touch & hold Image; your captures are counted on the shutter.
  • To touch anywhere on the screen instead of using Image, swipe right to open settings and turn on Shutter type > Tap anywhere to capture.

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