Moto E Plus (4th Gen) - Device Gets Hot

Moto E (4th Gen) - Device Gets Hot

Smartphones are essentially hand held computers and just like a computer, the applications processor (AP) can generate significant levels of heat.  The amount of heat generated depends upon the specific application, corresponding processor loading and the length of use.  Heat is further generated by the display, charge components and power devices that communicate with the cellular network.  Thermal sensors within the smartphone are utilized by the thermal algorithm which controls the AP operation and subsequent heat generated. Heavy processor loading scenarios are used to tune mitigation parameters that maintain acceptable component and surface temperature levels.  Moto E4 was optimized using the same process, procedure and goals as previous MOTO products which optimizes performance versus the phone's temperature.

General tips on how you can help avoid high-heat conditions:

  • When shooting video, go into Airplane Mode if possible, and/or turn off video stabilization.
  • Avoid Turbo charging in hot weather; use a regular charger or your PC to charge. Turbo charging creates more heat than regular charging.
  • Wait until you’re out of the heat to watch video, play games or engage in other high-power activities.
  • Shield your phone from direct sunlight.
  • Take a short break from high-power activities to let the phone cool.
  • If your phone is in a case, try using it without the case to allow quicker cooling.

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