Send Calls to Voicemail or Block a Number - Moto E (4th Gen)

How do I block unwanted calls and texts?

To get rid of unwanted calls and texts, you have two options:

Send all Calls to Voicemail

This option will force all calls from a specific contact to go straight to voicemail.

1. Touch Image

2. Contacts

3. Touch the person's name you wish to send to voicemail

4. Touch  Image

5. Touch Image > All Calls to Voicemail

Block Calls and SMS

If you don't want to get calls and texts from a certain number at all, use this option.

Block a Number

1. Touch Image

2. Touch Image

3. Touch Image

4. Touch and HOLD a call from the number to block.

5. Touch Block number.


Unblock a Number

1. Touch Image

2. Touch Image

3.  Touch Image > Settings

4. Touch Call Blocking.

5. Touch X by the number to unblock.

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