Pre-Loaded Applications - Moto E (4th Gen)

What are all of these icons for?

The following applications (apps) are pre-loaded on your phone. These come already installed and cannot be deleted.

To open your applications, swipe up Image, then touch an app to open.

Pre-loaded Apps

Image  - Calculator - Make some quick calculations

Image  - Calendar - Keep track of upcoming events, get automatic reminders, and coordinate with others by sharing your calendar.

Image  - Camera - Take photos and vidoes

Image  - Chrome - Browse the web

Image  - Clock - Set alarms, use a timer or stopwatch.

Image  - Contacts  - Save numbers, emails, adresses and more for later contact. Assign ringtones.

Image  - Downloads - anything downloaded to your device ends up saved here

Image  - Drive - quick connection to your Google drive, syncs across your devices, create or upload documents, spreadsheets, and more.

Image  - Duo - Make video calls with friends across Android and IOS.

Image  - FM Radio - Listen to FM radio stations

Image  - Gmail - Quick access to your Google email, send, view, and save just like on your PC.

Image  - Google - Search the web, view google cards, and adjust settings.

Image  - Maps - Find your destination, get turn by turn directions, explore locations.

Image  - Messages - Send and receive text and photo mesasges.

Image  - Moto - Select from available options for addiitonal phone customizations

Image  - Phone - Make calls, review call history, and save favorite contacts

Image  - Photos - Manage and view photos and videos and upload your private album on the cloud.

Image  - Play Movies and TV - Get movies and TV shows for instant viewing from the Play Store.

Image  - Play Music - Listen to your music collection, shop for new music, Create playlists, listen anywhere. Synced with Play Music on your PC.

Image  - Play Store - Search for new apps for your phone as well as books, magazines, music, and movies. Supports access from your computer as well.

Image  - Settings - Customize your phone.

Image  - Wallpapers - Change your backgound or lock screen picture.

Image  - Youtube - Find, view, and upload videos to the Web.

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