Random characters or lines are appearing on the Moto E (4th Gen)

Why are random characters and lines are appearing on my display?

Random characters or lines appearing on your display could be caused a few different settings.

Owner Info

You may have inadvertently typed some random characters in the Lock screen message section of your device.

Please follow the instructions below to check or change the Lock screen message:

  1. Touch Image
  2. Touch Settings
  3. Touch Security
  4. Touch Lock screen message

Developer Options

If you have previously enabled Developer options, you may have accidentally enabled a User Interface option under the Developer Options.  Your device has several developer options that can be used by application developers when testing applications.  

Please follow the instructions below to check the developer options that may have been enabled on your device:

  1. Touch Image 
  2. Touch Settings   
  3. Touch Developer options
  4. Uncheck or turn off any options selected under Input and Monitoring

Options under Input

Show Touches - Show visual feedback for touches


Pointer Location - Screen overlay showing current touch data


Options under Monitoring

Strict mode enabled

Show CPU usage

Profile GPU rendering

Enable OpenGL traces

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