Google Voice Search - Moto Z

Google Voice Search - Moto Z

Do More with Google Voice Search

You can activate Google Voice Search within the Google Now home page by either touching the Mic Button on the Search Bar at the top of the home screen, or by saying the word “Google” followed by your request.

What you want

What to say


Sports information [team’s name] "San Francisco Giants"
Pictures "Pictures of" [topic] or "images of" [topic] "Pictures of San Francisco" or "Images of cats"
Convert measurements [original measurement] "in" [new measurement] "30 degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit"
Movie showtimes "Movie" [location] or [movie name] "Movie Chicago" or "The Horse’s Mouth"
Word definition "Define" [word] "Define campanile"
Weather forecast "Weather" or "Weather" [location] "Weather" or "Weather Detroit"
Identify an area code "Area code" [###] "Area code 215"
Identify zip code "Zip code" [#####] "Zip code 46202"
Time "Time" or "Time" [location] "Time" or "Time in London"
Flight information [Airline] [flight number] "American airlines flight 390"
Translation Translate to [language] [phrase] "Translate to Spanish, Where is the Palace Hotel?"’
Calculator [A math phrase] "75 divided by 6"
Food [Type of food] or [Type of food] in [location] "Mexican food" or "Mexican food i

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