Do Not Disturb - Moto G Play (4th Gen.)

Do Not Disturb - Moto G (4th Gen.)

Do not Disturb mode is very similar to the interruptions options from Lollipop, but even more flexibility for the end user.

You can reach the new Do Not Disturb mode by going to: Settings > Sound & notification > Do not Disturb



It allows you to only be notified by contacts or certain activities that you have set as priority.

To fully utilize this it is recommend to take the time to properly set this up.

Now you get to choose which services you want to be notified of when in priority mode. You can enable/disable any or all: Events, reminders , Calls , Messages and Repeat Callers.



Events and reminders

You will get a notification if you enabled it in a calendar event, Google Now or a reminder.

Calls and Messages

By default, it is set up to receive Calls/Messages from anyone, which may not be what you want. To change that setting, press “Calls/Messages from” and you will get to choose:

  1. Anyone
  2. Contacts Only
  3. Starred Contacts only
  4. None

Selecting Contacts only , means you will receive calls and messages from anyone in your contacts list. You can also check your contact list here https://www.google.com/contacts when you’re logged into your Google account.

Selecting Starred contacts only means you will receive calls or messages only from favorite or starred contacts. To find out who you have starred, or if you would like to star more people visit, https://www.google.com/contacts/ when you’re logged into your Google account. On your mobile device see the Favorites tab in the Contacts app.

When you select None, nothing is let through, your device will not ring. Yes, your device still functions, still receives notifications, calls, etc, it just doesn’t alert the user by sound or vibration.

Now that you have the setup the way you like it, let’s turn the Priority mode on. Simply pull the notification shade down from the top and press Do not Disturb.

Once you press Do not Disturb, you will see the following options: Total Silence , Alarms only , and Priority only.


Total Silence

This blocks ALL sounds and vibrations, including your alarms, music videos, and games.

Alarms only

Much like total silence but will not block your alarms.

Priority only

Remember the setup you did in the steps above? When you pick this mode, it lets you block all interruptions except those from people and apps you said were important. Once you choose the mode you want, next is choosing the timing! You can select two different timing style options: “until you turn this off” or for an amount of time. You can pick a block of time as short as 15 minutes or as long as 12 hours.

Automatic Rules

One of other new features in this Do Not Disturb mode is “automatic rules” which let’s you set Do Not Disturb modes based on certain items such as: certain times of the day, or during things on your Google Calendar.


Timebased rule

Select “Add rule” and call it “Weeknight.”


In this example the “Weeknight” rule is scheduled to run on Sunday’s through Thursday’s, from 11:00pm to 6:00am the next day. It also uses the “priority only” mode.

Calendar based rules

Allows you to choose similar options to the time based, but instead it will be based around your Google calendar rather than the time you choose.



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