Motorola Alert - MOTO G 3RD GENERATION

Motorola Alert - MOTO G 3RD GENERATION

What is Motorola Alert?

Motorola Alert lets you quickly contact people important to you when you feel in need. Simply activate an alert, and your device will send regular updates with your location to the people you trust.

From the home screen you will see 3 options:

  • Press “Meet me” and Motorola Alert will send an SMS to selected contacts asking them to meet you at your current location.
  • Press “Follow me” and Motorola Alert will send an SMS to selected contacts requesting that they monitor your location.  When initiated, you can set SMS messages to arrive at different intervals so that your device will continue sending updates with your current location until deactivated.
  • Activate Emergency mode by opening the app and pressing the "Emergency" button. In emergency mode, your device will send an alert to your selected contacts with a message that you are in danger along with periodic updates of your current location.  In emergency mode you also have the ability to trigger an alarm, call emergency services, or reach out to another contact with one click.

With Motorola Alert you can also set up places such as Home, Work, or School, so that your loved ones can be automatically notified when you leave or arrive.

To set up these automatic notifications go to "Places" in the navigation drawer.  From Places you can add the addresses of key locations like your home or work. Motorola Alert will periodically send messages to your People to let them know when you arrive and when you leave your Places.

For example, you may add “Home” and “School” to the Motorola Alert app on your daughter’s phone. You will receive an SMS when she leaves home, an SMS when she arrives at school, and again another SMS when she leaves school to come home.  Motorola Alert helps you and your loved ones automatically notify each other when you arrive at or leave a meaningful place, giving you peace of mind every day.

How are the messages sent? Does it cost me more money?

We use SMS to send alerts to the contacts you specify.  SMS is available to everyone and works when mobile data may be not available or turned off.  The cost of SMS varies depending on your mobile plan.

Does the app required mobile data availability?  How much data does it use?

The application requires a minimal amount of data to get the user’s current location address when an alert is sent.  The amount of data used is very limited and is akin to other location-aware experiences.

What is the impact on battery life?

Using the application does not have much impact on battery life.

Can you use Whatsapp to send messages?

Currently we use SMS since it is available on any phone.  We are not using Whatsapp.

Will my location data be shared with anyone?

Your location data is used to send alerts to the contacts you have specified.  No one else will have access to your location data.

Will my contact always be able to track me?

You can control how and when to alert your contact.  If you want to stop sharing your location with your contacts, simply turn location alerts to off by going into the status bar on the Home screen or by going into Places menu and turn it off.

If I accidentally started emergency mode, will I be able to cancel this mode?

Yes, when you initiate emergency mode, there is a countdown for 5 seconds before your contacts are alerted.  You can cancel the emergency mode during this time.  You can also cancel the emergency mode anytime after it is activated and your contacts will be informed that you have canceled the emergency mode.

What if my device is locked? Will the Motorola Alert features still work?

At this time, users will need to unlock the device and open the Motorola Alert application to initiate the alert.

What if I am in an area with No GPS signal, or if GPS has been turned off?

If GPS has been turned off, Motorola Alert will use the Cell ID from your carrier network to obtain your address. This may not be as accurate as GPS, but will provide your emergency contact the general area you are in.

If the phone is unable to obtain the location from your cellular network, it will provide the emergency contact your last known location. In rare cases, if Motorola Alert cannot obtain any Network or GPS location, the emergency SMS message will be sent without a location.

How often are SMS messages sent to my Emergency contacts when using Follow me?

You can customize the 'Follow Me' app when setting up the alert.  Users are able to send SMS messages every 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes.  

If I am out of minutes or data on my prepaid phone, will the Emergency Function still work?

Motorola Alert works similar to the Emergency Dialer feature on your phone.

This means if you have selected a recognized "Emergency Number" as the emergency contact (example: 911),  the call will go through. When the emergency contact selected is not a recognized emergency number, the phone will treat this as a personal call and will not go though if there are no minutes left on the plan.

Why are my location alerts not working properly?

  • For a small number of users there may be issues with place alerts due to location inaccuracies.  This can be caused by various factors including GPS, Wi-Fi and Cellular network availability
  • If this happens you can turn OFF place alerts by going into the app home screen and turn off Location Status area in the bottom.  You can also turn OFF place alerts by going into Places menu and turn OFF alerts

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