Prevent malware and virus attacks

How do I prevent malware attacks?

To prevent malware (spyware, phishing, and viruses) from disrupting your phone's performance or damaging your phone, do a little research before downloading each app. Read on for easy ways to protect your phone when choosing apps.

Check the rating

Does the app get 4 or 5 starts? If so, it's probably a good one. If no one has posted comments along with the high star rating, be suspicious. Always check the comments, too, and if none are available, try an Android user forum search.

Read lots of comments in Play Store

Before downloading an app, read reviews from other Play Store users who have downloaded it to help you decide if it's right for you. On the app description screen, scroll down and touch Read all comments. Read a bunch of comments, not just the first few.

Check the permissions

When installing an app, be sure to read the alerts that tell you what information the app will access. If you disagree with allowing access to that information, cancel the installation. If you are installing an app that makes a shopping list, for example, the app should not require access to your contacts. Even if the app is legit, you may not want to allow access to your information.

Check Android user forums

Search Android user forums on the Internet for the app name or post a question for other users to answer. Forums are great resources for sharing information. Your question will help other users, too.

Check the developer's web site

Play Store not only provides comments at your fingertips, but if you scroll farther, you can touch Visit the developer's web page to go directly to it. Does it look professional or quickly thrown together?

Post your own comments

After you download an app, you can rate it and post comments for other users to see. Just open Play Store and touch Downloads. Touch the installed app, then touch a star to rate it. Once you rate it, touch Post a comment to add yours. The more information available, the safer things get! Your Android community thanks you.

Still not sure?

If you are unable to find information using the previous suggestions and are unsure of the safety of the app, do not install it. There are plenty of other apps to choose from.

If you have downloaded an app and are not sure if it may be causing problems, we recommend launching your phone in Safe mode and testing the app. Click here for complete details.

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