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What settings do I need to setup my Windstream email?


There are other domains for legacy Windstream customers but the settings would be the same as the ones listed below. Legacy usershave had accounts “aliased” to your Windstream account; For example (amanda@alltel.net became amanda@windstream.net) but the you could still receive email from the @alltel.net account address because it was now technically all Windstream.

Below is a list of domain names that have been merged with Windstream: 

Typically Windstream users will have any of the following aliases:

    * @navix.net
    * @alltel.net -- No Longer In Use.
    * @valornet.com (former Valor)
    * @ktc.com (former Valor)
    * @vnet.net (former Valor)
    * @ctc.net
    * @dejazzd.com (former D&E)

Other aliases you may see are:

    * @bridgewater.net
    * @cottoninternet.net (former Valor)
    * @ceinetworks.com (former D&E)
    * @door.net (former Valor)
    * @ezmailbox.net (former Valor)
    * @fastraxs.net
    * @glade.net (former Valor)
    * @hubofthe.net (former Valor)
    * @lookingglass.net (former Valor)
    * @midtech.net (former Valor)
    * @midusa.net(former Kansas Cellular)
    * @odsy.net (former Valor)
    * @pcstx.net
    * @roswell.net (former Valor)
    * @slinknet.com
    * @trailnet.com (former Valor)
    * @txcom.net (former Valor)
    * @txk.net (former Valor)
    * @txkinet.com (former Valor
    * @webserve.net (former Valor)
    * @westex.net (former Valor)


To setup email on your DROIDx once you have already set-up your handset, follow directions below.  If you are adding an email account during your handset's initial startup, skip down to Set-up accounts menu (Step #3) for same menu.

  1. Open Applications tray, select My Accounts
  2. Select Add Account
  3. You will be at the Set-Up accounts menu with several other social network icons.
  4. Select Email  icon
  5. Enter your full email address, including domain name "@windstream.net" in all lower case .
  6. Enter your email provider password.
  7. Leave Automatically configure account checked. 
  8. Tap on Next. Handset will connect to your email server and state "Success!" if account was set-up correctly.


During the connection, you may be asked to complete a manual set-up if your email provider is not recognized, your email address/password is incorrect, or if your email provider has restrictions on mobile email set-up. Please check with your email provider to obtain any of that detail . You will need your password, login name, POP3 or IMAP port, and server settings to complete a Manual set-up. If you have this information ready, proceed to next section regarding Manual setup.

If prompted for manual setup, touch Manual setup. You can also get into manual setup by unchecking Automatically configure account after you entered your email address and password. 

  1. Touch General Settings, confirm information in all General Settings fields are correct. Make any necessary changes, then select OK to exit this menu. 
  2. Touch Incoming Server.
  3. Select POP mail server 
  4. Enter the server name: pop.windstream.net 
  5. Uncheck on both Use Secure connection and Verify Certificate  (you may need to send a test mail after set-up to confirm these settings)
  6. Enter you email provider's Port #110
  7. Enter / Confirm your Username (usually complete email address including the domain name  ie: username@windstream.net)
  8. Enter / Confirm your email Password
  9. Tap on OK
  10. Select Outgoing Server
  11. Enter SMTP server: smtp.windstream.net 
  12. Check on Use Secure connection, check Verify Certificate   (you may need to send a test mail after set-up to confirm these settings)
  13. Enter Port #587
  14. Enter or just confirm your Username (usually complete email address including the domain name  ie: username@windstream.net)
  15. Enter or just confirm your email account Password if already displayed.
  16. Tap on OK
  17. Tap on Other Settings
  18. Select length of time messages will be kept on handset. (1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, Never Delete Messages)
  19. Tap on OK
  20. Tap on OK again to submit your email set-up.

Your account is now set-up.  Please test sending and receiving an email. You may need to go back and change Security settings on the account to send / receive email.


To set up browser access to windstream email, bookmark link: http://webmail.windstream.net


CLICK HERE to learn more about customizing personal email settings.

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