People can't hear me

Why can't people  hear me or they say I sound like I am very far away from the microphone?

  • Insure that the microphone is directed towards the driver, and mounted in an ideal position on the overhead console area
  • Reduce extraneous noise
    • Turn the fan off or to a lower setting.  Front vents tend to be quieter than defrost
    • Make sure your windows are rolled up
    • Reduce your vehicle speed
    • Have passengers refrain from talking while you're using the hands-free speaker
  • Move closer to the microphone
    • Sit up straight
    • The microphone does not work as well when your head is turned to the side
  • Speak Louder
    • Yelling will not help the far side listener understand you better.  More than likely they already understand you, you just sound quiet.

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