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Battery - Moto E (4th Gen)

How do I know what is using my battery?

Your phone has a built in tool to help you understand what is consuming your power and draining battery life.

You can get detailed charging information, the level of charge, as well as how much time remains and reccomendations to improve battery life.

Analyze Battery Life

Touch Image> Settings > Battery

Here you will see a list of items using your battery. Touch an item to see details on usage. Adjust settings to reduce battery consumption where applicable.

Touch the battery history graph to see more details as well.


1. Cellular Network Signal - As the network signal weakens, the phone uses up to three times as much battery power to maintain network connection. Colors indicate signal strength.

Green = Great Signal   Gray = Good signal   Gold = Moderate to poor   Yellow = No signal   Red = Scanning   Black = Not using cellular network

2. GPS - Blue indicates GPS was on.

3. Wi-Fi - Blue indicates wi-fi was on, but not necessarily connected.

4. Awake - Bulue indicates something was preventing the phone from going to sleep.

5. Screen On - Blue indicates that the screen was on. Consider reducing your screen on time.

TIP: When Awake and Screen On time don't line up with each other fairly closely, this generally indicates an application is causing a hung process in the background. Be sure to close out of open applications when not in use.

6. Charging - Green indicates the phone was charging.

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