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Moto Application - MOTO X PURE EDITION

Moto Application - MOTO X PURE EDITION

Moto suggests actions to automate tasks, based on how you use your device. It allows you to automatically reply to texts when you're driving, set a custom launch phrase to ask Google questions, and provides you with battery friendly notifications at a glance.

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  • Actions  
    • Approach for Moto Display -- Reaching for your phone triggers the time and battery friendly notifications on your screen. See your new content without ever having to unlock your phone.
    • Attentive Display -- Keeps your screen lit as long as you are looking at it.
    • Chop Twice for Flashlight -- Give your phone two quick karate chops to turn on the built in flashlight. Chop again to turn it off!
    • Lift for Moto Voice -- Lift your phone and provide a command, get a discreet reply in your ear.
    • Twist for Quick Capture -- Turn this on and give your wrist two quick flicks to access your camera, works even while the phone is locked.


  • ** To activate on any of these features, simply open Moto, select Actions, select the desired Action and toggle the switch at the top to the on position.

  • Voice
    • Setup your customized launch phrase to ask your phone questions, place calls, send text messages and more all without ever having to unlock.
    • Turn on Talk to Me to have your phone read your text messages and tell you who's calling either while you're driving or in customized Places of your choosing.

  • Display
    • Turn on Moto Display for battery friendly notifications that fade in and out while the screen is off to show you what's going on without ever having to unlock your device.

Talk to Me  -- All the great features of Moto Assist can now be found inside the Voice feature in the Moto Application.


Moto Assist makes use of a number of sensors on the phone to figure out if you’re driving.  Specifically, we look at accelerometer and location data to determine if you’re driving.  Moto Assist cannot figure out if you’re the driver vs a passenger, and may sometime mistakenly think you’re driving when on a bus, train or riding a bike.  It may take Moto Assist up to a couple minutes to figure out that you’re driving after you have started.


To have your phone announce callers and read text messages when you are not driving, set up a custom location. It's easy! Simply open the moto application, select the gear/sparkle in the upper right, select voice, and select talk to me. Then, touch Add a Place and once you have located your desired loaction on the map, simply confirm to add the location.


  • Assist will learn your car’s Bluetooth and will automatically start drive mode when it sees your phone connected to it
  • Your phone will announce callers and read text messages out loud, whenever you phone detects you are driving,  if you have the Talk to me feature selected. Uncheck Talk to me to disable.
  • Talk to me in Moto Assist only announces callers or reads text messages from people whom you have in your address book on your phone. If your phone calls are not being announced or your text messages are not being read, ensure that the sender/caller is added to People in your phone.
  • If the device is paired and connected to a Bluetooth device, Assist will yield to the BT device to handle incoming phone calls. You should use the BT device’s built-in call announce feature (if available) to handle incoming calls if you BT device supports this feature.

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